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SkyMaster | Simplepack


It’s easy to notice that SkyMaster provides not only the reduction of aircraft panel assembling work, but it’s also clear that the design is much more organized. Installing SkyMaster dispenses all the conventional switches and those circuit breakers that takes a lot of space in the panel, besides not offering any kind of warning in the event of an overload caused by short circuit.

The mechanical strength of the aircraft panel is automatically raised by eliminating several holes in various parts of metal or plastic sheet panel.

The organization of the electrical wires behind the panel depends on the distance between all the connections between the switches, lights, circuit breakers and equipments. With the availability of additional space by installing SkyMaster, the owner can chose to use new and more sophisticated equipments on his aircraft.

The maintenance of any part of the electrical circuit on the panel becomes much easier, assuming that most of the connections are centralized in one point. Additionally, SkyMaster offers Six protected connections by electronic circuit breakers that do not depend on the front switches, those who can be used according to the necessity of the user, without a need of future installations of hanging fuses behind the panel.

In case of maintenance where it is necessary to remove the panel, there is an approximately 70% time saving to disconnect the devices connected to it, because the indications are simple, safe and has easy access.